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DEUS Online Shopping App

DUES, our advanced online shopping application, boasts an attractive and responsive interface developed with the Ionic framework for the frontend and robust Magento for the backend. With seamless order management, DooFinder’s smart search, and secure online transactions via Flutter Wave, Paystack, and DPO, DUES ensures a top-notch shopping experience. 

Key Features: 

  1. Developed seamless interface using Ionic framework 
  2. Powered by Magento for a robust backend 
  3. Utilizes DooFinder for smart search functionality 
  4. Secured online transactions with Flutter Wave, Paystack, and DPO 
  5. Multiple currency support for global shopping payments 

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ProviderPal is an application developed by our developers for healthcare clients. which streamlines the operations of small and medium-sized clinics and primary care providers. By using cloud services, we eliminate delays in medical and dental billing, increasing overall efficiency. 

Key Features: 

  1. Front-end development was done using the Ionic framework 
  2. Cloud services for efficient medical billing and insurance processes 
  3. HIPAA-compliant technology infrastructure for patient data privacy 

ProviderPal is committed to making health care a priority for all Americans. Ready to develop your mobile app development projects? Book a call with us today! 


A unique example of fitness-related apps developed by us is VCP Fitness. Developed on the Ionic framework, VCP Fitness offers personalized workout modules tailored to individual needs. With in-app purchases available for monthly and yearly memberships, it also features dedicated sections for diet planning and community engagement. VCP Fitness is the go-to mobile app for the fitness-conscious individual. 

Key Features: 

  1. Developed on the Ionic framework 
  2. Personalized workout modules based on individual goals 
  3. In-app purchases for monthly and yearly memberships 
  4. Dedicated sections for diet planning and community engagement 

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ONRx Healthcare Portal Portfolio Image

ONRx Healthcare Portal

ONRX is our web and app-based platform for the patient-doctor interaction process. Patients can effortlessly book appointments through the web and mobile app, while doctor’s benefit from features like video and audio calls, attendance notes, and treatment documentation. We streamlined payments using the client’s country’s insurance card and private pay service, ensuring seamless transactions and government benefit utilization. Using React.js and Node.js for Web Platform and React Native and Node.js for Mobile App. 

Key Features: 

  1. Effortless appointment booking 
  2. Video and audio calls for efficient consultations 
  3. Seamless payment options with insurance cards and private pay services 
  4. Auto-notification functionality for increased patient engagement 

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